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Establishing Lines of Credit

Financial flexibility and ready access to funds are integral to managing both your personal and business finances effectively. At Johnson Wealth Management, our lines of credit services are tailored to provide this kind of flexibility to a diverse range of clients including emerging families, high-net-worth investors, business owners, executives, and individuals approaching retirement.

Your Financial Safety Net

Lines of credit operate similarly to credit cards, offering you predetermined limits against which you borrow as needed. Lines of credit are versatile, allowing for borrowing in various amounts based on your specific requirements, whether it's $1,000 or over $100,000. Unlike a traditional loan, a line of credit gives you the freedom to use funds over time and repay only what you have borrowed.

Portfolio Line of Credit: preserving Your Investments

Our portfolio line of credit is designed to provide a backup source of liquidity, helping prevent untimely liquidations and help protect against potential capital gains and loss of investment income.

Business Line of Credit: Empowering Your Business

For our business clients, a business line of credit is an essential tool. It offers the flexibility to borrow only what is necessary, with the convenience of monthly billing only when you draw on the credit line. Unlike business credit cards, our business lines of credit provide easier access to cash and lower interest rates. You can integrate this service into a comprehensive approach to capital access and cash flow management, encompassing term loans and business credit cards.

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At Johnson Wealth Management, we're committed to providing tailored financial strategies. Our advisors are here to guide you in making informed decisions about establishing and managing lines of credit, helping to ensure they align with your overall financial strategy.

Contact us today to explore how lines of credit can provide the financial flexibility you need for both your personal and business endeavors.