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Retirement Planning

No matter what your plans after you retire, you'll need to be sure you have the post-career income to support your desired lifestyle. It is never too early to start your retirement plan. At Johnson Wealth Management, we walk our clients through the process of determining their income goals and how to appropriately address them. Together, we'll discuss income, estimate your future expenses and determine risk tolerance before designing a savings strategy and financial investment plan to pursue your dream retirement.

Holistic Approach

As a CFA and CPA, Ricky Johnson understands all the aspects of a well-rounded financial plan. Focusing only on retirement accounts is just one part of a robust retirement plan. When to retire, desired activities, where you'll live and how to transition into retirement are all important inputs to being well-prepared, as are understanding and preparing for tax implications and preparing an estate plan. Johnson Wealth Management understands that it takes a 360-degree view when planning for the long term.

Trusted Partnerships

The relationships we form with our clients are lifetime ones. From young adults that need advice on investing to those preparing for retirement, we partner with our clients to craft individualized plans based on income, goals and risk tolerance. When you are ready to plan your future, call us at (573) 237-3100.